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Castles, Ghosts, Legends
An idea is something that strikes you! It hits you, suddenly, but if it's gone through your brain, it must have come from something...
So it's a recurring thought... or at least, recent!
Not always!
Sometimes you see or hear or read, but you're distracted, you have other thoughts running through your head...
Until, you know, the idea fills up every room of your brain, every corner, whether it's hidden or not, and explodes, overwhelmingly, overcoming everything else!
It's ripe, it has wandered for a long time in the maze of the unconscious, adding sensations, anxieties, deductions, emotions, upsets, wonder, emotion...
And now it seems clear to you, in every detail, everything fits and coincides perfectly, it integrates, it gets completed with automatisms that you cannot explain.
It's no longer just an idea, it became a project and the idea its embryo...
Around it inferences proliferate, one by one, to bind together the connotations of the event.
Analyzing the fact in itself, I mean the origin of the idea, I have to go back in time, not to the Middle Ages, no, much more simply to the visit of the Castle of Padernello after the invitation of a dear friend, Giuseppe, who on that occasion presented with a booklet, a few pages long, written by Gian Mario Andrico, "The White Lady"...
As I passed from one room to another, the rooms of the Castle were no longer empty, furnished or not...
The library, the kitchens, the staircase, the attic, the donjon, everywhere there were children chasing each other, playing ball, rolling their wooden hoops, challenging each other by rubbing the little spinning tops, the sissies already felt grown-up reading texts from huge bookshelves... or mothers cradling their dolls in their arms.
In short, I was certainly not alone within those walls and I nearly could not hear what Giuseppe patiently described to me, with a wealth of details, as if he could read my thoughts and felt his duty to make me acquainted with historical details that are not always found in books, anecdotes that only folk memory hands on...
And the picture that was looming before my eyes was now coming true.
The story, or perhaps it would be more correct to say, the legend, of the White Lady did not leave room for anything else ... until its epilogue, legend or reality, and you can’t remain indifferent ... feeling is mixed with emotion and fantasy creates images sweet, melancholic but not sad, feeding stories that add to the legend.
And from one legend you pass to another, in a climax of romantic, tribal, convivial, war or family events where there is always a Castle in the background and in the Castle ...
ghosts and legends!
Salvatore Attanasio
the Project inspired ...

Gian Mario Andrico

When, one winter evening in 1992 (about thirty years ago), I gathered from the voice of Countess Sofia Salvadego the voice evidence of an ancient... to be continued

Daniela Dante

Dentro vaste stanze dell’antico maniero risuonano i passi
il soffitto a guisa di volta celeste
di stelle e astri riempie lo sguardo continua

Lucia Marchitto

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Jolanda Barbieri

Il castello e le pastoce
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Pino Mongiello

Life and Death at the Castle
The castles that we see in story books look like they are made of marzipan and have pastel colours. In some of the towers reaching towards the sky... to de continued

Giovanni Pesticcio

Castles, ghosts and legends
The home page of the site begins with the phrase "an idea is something that strikes you!". As soon as I read it, I started wondering... to be continued

Alvaro Mario Ferlenghi

         To the Castle, to the Castle...
To the castle, to the castle... To the castle to hunt Giacomina The Ghost. The crowd convened on the hill of Dosem and while people arrived, a big dark ... to be continued

Amelia Pisante

Once upon a time...
For about 900 years the word “castle” has entered our architectural, literary, fairy, legendary vocabulary giving life to history and the histories of every... to be continued

Teresa Garofalo

Castles, ghosts, legends
Torrioni smozzicati, bastioni in rovina soffocati da rovi infestanti e da fitti rami d'edera, cinta di mura dilaniate, miseri ruderi arroccati su cime... continua

Claudio Pedrazzini

We are ghosts because only those who believe or want to believe in them can see or, at least, perceived them, either because they are... to be continued

Liliana Lucia Catalano

Palasciano Tower
I was there several times as a girl, with friends who went up to play cards. I don't like cards, I used to watch, and sometimes I would... continue or listen to the story
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