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"Castles, ghosts, legends" Domenico Pedroni
Black and white.
Ghosts and legends.
The castles and the fortresses.
Salvatore Attanasio moves with great passion in these fields, through his camera.

Certainly in addition to the passion Salvatore Attanasio puts in place a lot of energy.
Organizational energy, ability to find relationships.
His project is the result of a lot of personal work, of a lot of competence, of a lot of curiosity, he wants to know and learn.

We have agreed with pleasure to share with Salvatore Attanasio some of the spaces of the Castle of Padernello, to organize an exhibition on the theme of the castles and legends that inhabit these castles, through very particular photographs, in black and white.
Fifteen shots, fifteen images, to see the spaces of the castle with a particular, artistic eye and the shots populated by the figures of the legends.
The photos already very suggestive and particular  will be inserted too in lighting frames that will expand their beauty.

A double journey will therefore be basically proposed through the exhibition.
The first journey is to discover the castles, their history and the environment where they are inserted.
The second journey, is to review the castles through the photographic shot of Salvatore Attanasio, an immortalized moment that evokes the magic of these places, also through the legends that populate them.

Here we are therefore ready for a journey in search of culture, a research that must be done together, to find in these places of beauty, a lot of sociality and community.

Borgo S. Giacomo, February 2, 2021, Domenico Pedroni
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