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echoes of Chronicle

GIORNALE di BRESCIA, November saturday 14, 2020, pag. 27
Ghosts of castles in Attanasio's shots
Real or imagined sightings, fleeting visions, fatuous lights, whining and whispering, stuff to give you the shivers, but at the same time arouses curiosity and the desire to know more. Like when, as children, we used to curl up in bed, with the blanket pulled up over our eyes, listening to a story of ghosts told by mum or dad, frightened of course, but eager to know the sequel ... to be continued

BRESCIASELECTION, number 50, December 2020/January 2021, pag. 44, 45, 46, 47
Ghosts without glory, legends without history. ARE GHOSTS BACK IN THE BRESCIAN CASTLES?
The ghost of the castle not as a hostile alien or a disturbing presence but as a hovering "genius loci" that rescues, defends and protects its descendants.  Like the "White Lady" of the castle Salvadego of Padernello (restored to his ancestral beauty by the tireless efforts of Gian Mario Andrico) stealthy evanescence of a fleeting but perpetual sequence. Perpetual because ghosts ... to be continued

MONDOPADANO, venerdì 9 aprile 2021/gennaio 2021, pag. 26
CULTURE & SHOWS. Thus the fortress of Soncino inspired Anna Martinenghi
... Fruit of fantasy, the text will accompany the images of the Brescia photographer Salvatore Attanasio in the exhibition “Castles, ghosts, legends” promoted by the Pro Loco and the Soncino Museum of Printing. Castles and ancient residences will be the protagonists of the traveling exhibition, which will be hosted in Soncino from 28 August to 19 September, and then continue ... to be continued

BIESSE, number 4, May June 2021, pag. 74, 75, 76, 77
THE GHOST OF THE CASTLE. Padernello Castle and the White Lady by Gian Mario Andrico
Already in 1391 the chronicles indicate the presence of a simple fortification, placed to guard the flat territories of the municipality of Padernello. However, it was in the 15th century that the construction, as we can see it today, was started at the behest of the two branches of the family (of Bergamo origin)
Martinengo: that of Padernello, called "della Fabbrica" and that... to be continued

GIORNALE di BRESCIA, Monday 24 May 2021, p. 21
Salvatore Attanasio's "ghost" shots on display in the dark in Padernello by Emmanuele Andrico
Everything was ready for Saturday 14 November, everything stopped due to Covid-19, but nothing was lost: it was enough just to be patient for a while. «Castles, ghosts, legends» sees the light and opens on Saturday 5th June at the castle of Padernello. The idea is by Salvatore Attanasio who, starting from the manor of the Bassa, decided to create a traveling photographic exhibition ... to be continued

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