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The true story of the "White Lady" of Gian Mario Andrico
It was 15th century. One of those years, as it was flowing away, had given birth to a sweet creature. She was the daughter of Count Gaspare Martinengo, one of the two heirs of that Antonio I Martinengo who was enfeoffed of the lands of Gabbiano on March 7, 1443. This was the reward that the Venetian Republic benevolently offered to the leader for his services and military successes.  to be continued

"Mario Marius Stroppa" of Alvaro Mario Ferlenghi
Ruzante is the name they gave me but, I wanted to be called Mario. And now that I am a ghost, to those who ask me my name I answer, in fact, Mario. I am restless, always looking for things to do.
But after sixty years I don't have much to discover in the Pandino castle, of which I know each stone, wood, crevice and hiding place. But I'm fond of it. ... to be continued

the legend of the two towers of Anna Martinenghi
Don't call me a castle. I am female. Female without frills and without a crown.  Made for warriors, not for kings. My walls are as solid as the hips of a woman who knows how to use them, my towers stare at you questioningly, my belly holds spears, arrows and catapults. I don't know what to do with blue princes and happily ever after.... to be continued

Gorzone, Boario Terme
The sharp well of Gorzone of Gian Mario Andrico
Let us begin by narrating from a story by Renzo Bresciani, published forty years ago (1980) in the volume "Brescia nell'obiettivo di Fausto Schena", under the heading "Valcamonica", a valley that "can offer you a “pitoto” carved into the living rock by mysterious hands, and then reveal to you the pious blasphemy of the Calvary of Cerveno, or the grim profile of a castle in Garzone..." to be continued


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