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"Castles, ghosts and legends" Giovanni Pesticcio
The home page of the site begins with the phrase "an idea is something that strikes you!".

As soon as I read it, I started wondering about what is real and what are mythologies that accompany me in my everyday life, and about what is tangible and what is tenuous.

I start focusing on how an idea forms in my mind, and how it draws attention.

Often it is born from thoughts that don’t belong to me, but that are caused by the events and that combine with reflections, making a project that I’d not previously considered natural and informed.

"A light comes up" and suddenly the pieces of the jigsaw find the
most appropriate location to be realised.

I like to day-dream and let my mind wander upon the way events unfold.

Moments later I realise how the initial project, which seemed to be intrinsic and absolute, has changed over time.

The idea takes shape and evolves at the speed of lighting.

I realise that I am no longer alone, what my daydreaming has sown: castles, ghosts and legends, and perhaps ... reality is too narrow compared to how events are filtered and recalled in folk tales ... of a time gone by.

Cosenza, 29 april 2020,  Giovanni Pesticcio
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